Lissa Schneckenburger: New England fiddler and folk singer



covers (June 06, 2013)

Lissa Schneckenburger (vocals, fiddle, ukelele), Aoife O'Donovan (guitar, piano, organ, harmony vocals), Corey DiMario (double bass), Tristin Clarridge (cello), Simon Chrisman (hammer dulcimer), Stefan Amidon (percussion), Ruth Ungar (harmony vocals)

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dance (September 8th, 2010)

  1. Petronella
  2. Lamplighter's Hornpipe/Suffer the Child
  3. Jefferson and Liberty/Bert Ferguson
  4. Lady Walpole's Reel/The Mountain Ranger/Nancy King
  5. Eugenia's Waltz
  6. Moneymusk
  7. Huntsman's Chorus
  8. Rory O'More
  9. Fisher's Hornpipe
  10. Jamie Allen

Lissa Schneckenburger (fiddle), Bethany Waickman (guitar, pump organ), Corey DiMario (double bass), Dave Cory (tenor banjo), David Harris (euphonium, trombone), David Kaynor (fiddle), Eric Merrill (viola), Jeremiah McLane (piano, accordion), Keith Murphy (guitar, piano), Stefan Amidon (percussion)

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Song (Footprint Records 2008)

  1. The Fair Maid by the Sea Shore [ MP3 | lyrics ]
  2. Jam on Gerry?s Rock/ Willie?s [ MP3 | lyrics ]
  3. Harmony [ lyrics ]
  4. Lumberman in Town/ Go Ken Go [ MP3 | lyrics ]
  5. The Logger?s Boast [ lyrics ]
  6. Lovely Jamie [ lyrics ]
  7. Young Charlotte [ MP3 | lyrics ]
  8. Little Musgrove and Lady Barnswell [ MP3 | lyrics ]
  9. The Old Beggar Man [ lyrics ]
  10. The Drowsy Sleeper [ MP3 | lyrics ]

Lissa Schneckenburger (fiddle and vocals), Austin Nevins (electric guitar), Corey DiMario (double bass), Dave Cory (tenor banjo), Eric Merrill (viola, harmony vocals), Hanneke Cassel (fiddle), Jeremiah McLane (piano, accordion), Keith Murphy (guitar, harmony vocals), Matt Heaton (guitar), Natalie Haas (cello), Rushad Eggleston (cello), Sam Amidon (harmony vocals), Sharon Shannon (button accordion), Stefan Amidon (percussion and harmony vocals)

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Lissa Schneckenburger (Footprint Records 2005)

  1. Melissa Without the "Me" (Lissa)/ Eric's Birthday (Lissa) [Mp3]
  2. The Irish Girl [Mp3 | lyrics ]
  3. Aoife's (Aoife O'Donovan)/ Coleman's March
  4. The Lover's Tasks/ The Riddle (Lissa) [Mp3 | lyrics ]
  5. Dear Companion (Words: Trad/ Lissa, Tune; Trad/ Lissa) [Mp3 | lyrics ]
  6. The River (Lissa) [Mp3]
  7. Before They Close the Minstrel Show (Bob Coltman)[ lyrics ]
  8. Miss Sarah MacFadyen (Jennifer Wrigley)
  9. Halafl (Lissa)/ Mona's (Lissa)
  10. Coleman's March Reprise (Words; Lissa, Tune; Trad) [ lyrics ]

Lissa Schneckenburger (fiddle, vocals), Corey DiMario (double bass), Eric Merrill (viola, harmony vocals), Keith Murphy (guitar, mandolin), Matt Heaton (electric guitar), Natalie Haas (cello), Shannon Heaton (flute), Stefan Amidon (percussion), Ted Davis (guitar)

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Halali (Footprint Records 2003)

  1. I?m Too Sexy for My Djembe (Cortese, Adam Sutherland)/ Pierre?s Right Arm (Brian Pickell)/ Paddy?s Trip to Scotland/ Bishops? Bellies (Cortese, Carley Williams) [mp3]
  2. The Knight and the Shepherd?s Daughter (Words-Trad, Music-Cortese)
  3. I Must Away Love/HaLaFl (Lissa) [mp3]
  4. Reel de la Sauvagine (Michel Bordeleau) / Mutt?s Favorite (Jerry Holland)/ The Old Time Wedding Reel
  5. Escape from Alvie (Tune-John Sommerville, Song-Cortese) [ full mp3]
  6. Waste (Cortese)/ The Duke of Kent?s Lodge at Glentilt/ Hull?s Reel (John Morris Rankin)
  7. Jimmy Boyle?s / The Butlers of Glen Avenue (Tony Sullivan) / Joy Go with My Love
  8. 1159 (Words-Lissa, Music-Cassel/ Lissa) [mp3]
  9. Riptide (Neil Davey)/ The Humors of Westport/ The Hangover P** (Ian Lowthian) [ full mp3]

Hanneke Cassel (fiddle, piano), Laura Cortese (fiddle, vocals), Lissa Schneckenburger (fiddle, vocals), Flynn Cohen (guitar)

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Phantom Power (Footprint Records 2003)

  1. Clare Jig/ Timmy Clifford's/ Cuil Aodha [mp3]
  2. Hangman's Reel [mp3]
  3. A Penny for Your Thoughts (Bruce Rosen)
  4. Hut on Staffin Island (Phil Cunningham)/ Trip to Ballyshannon (Alasdair Fraser)/ Spey in Spate (J.S. Skinner)
  5. Rock Valley/ Green Mountain
  6. Quarry Cross/ Roddy McCorley/ Coleman's [mp3]
  7. Sandy Boys
  8. Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part/ Brisk Young Lads/ 100 Pipers
  9. Pointe au Pic/ Dedicado a Jos (M. Racine) [mp3]
  10. Tombigbee Waltz [mp3]

Bruce Rosen (piano), Lissa Schneckenburger (fiddle)


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Different Game (Footprint Records 2001)

"Lissa Schneckenburger's CD 'Different Game' is a knockout! A tasty selection of traditional and original material that is well worth listening to. Lissa's fiddling is artful, skillful, inventive and full of feeling. I had to listen again and again."
-- Jay Ungar

  1. Different Game (Lissa) / Silver Spear [ lyrics ]
  2. Boulder Creek (Lissa) / Bear Island / The Limmerickian (Lissa) [Mp3 ]
  3. Time Will End (Jeremiah McLane)
  4. Like the Snow (Kristin Andrews) [Mp3 | lyrics ]
  5. Teetotaler's (Temperance) Reel / Molly McGuire's (Popcorn)
  6. Salvation (Simon Bradley) / The Derry Reel
  7. Sleepy Eyes (Mark Simos) [ lyrics ]
  8. Aren's Jig (Lissa) / The Rockey Road to Greenfield (Michael Kerry) / Christmas Eve (Tommy Coen)
  9. Two Rivers (Larry Ungar, arr. Lissa)
  10. The Wind that Shakes the Barley / Drowsy Maggie
  11. The Butterfly
  12. Hipper than Hip (Lissa) / Hapenney Reel / Hughie Shorty's Reel (Johnny Wilmot) [Mp3 ]
  13. Charles River (Lissa) [ lyrics ]

Hanneke Cassel (fiddle), Flynn Cohen (guitar), Laura Cortese (vocals), Rushad Eggleston (cello), Brian Hanlon (bodhran), Stuart Kenney (upright bass), Michael Kerry (guitar), Eric Merrill (viola), Keith Murphy (guitar & vocals), Laura Risk (fiddle) & Mark Simos (guitar)

cd cover

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The Mad Hatter (Outer Green Records 1997)

* Only available on cassette

  1. The Blackbird / Rights of Man
  2. The Master of the Dance / Sheila Coyle's / Julia Delaney's
  3. The Nomad / Peach Jam
  4. The Waltz of N's
  5. The Winning Ticket / The Steeple Chase
  6. Crazy Feet
  7. Old Favorite / Handsome Young Maidens / Tar Road to Sligo
  8. Reel for Clover / Just for Fun
  9. The Mad Hatter / The Valley of the Moon Turnip and Vegetable Mash
  10. The Cherry Orchard / Farewell to Miltown Malbay / Moving Cloud
  11. Open Door

Greg Boardman (piano), John Cote (guitar), Jim DiCarlo (flute, pennywhistle, spoons), Michael Hansen (congas), David Kaynor (fiddle), and Tom Rowe (bass)


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