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At South By South Main, Brattleboro, VT, June, 2011

With Corey DiMario
Photos by Bianca Garza,

At The BCM Fest Finale Concert, Cambridge, MA, January, 2011

With Halali (Hanneke Cassel, Laura Cortese, Lissa Schneckenburger, Flynn Cohen) and special guests Highland Dance Boston, Bethany Waickman, and Dan Gurney
Photos by Sean Smith

At The Seattle Folklore Society, Seattle, WA, November, 2010

With Bethany Waickman (guitar)
Photos by Dick Goldsmith

At The College Coffeehouse, Fairbanks, AK, November, 2010

With Bethany Waickman (guitar)
Photos by Gary Newman

At SPACE, Chicago, IL, Oct 14th, 2009

With the Celtic Roots Revue (Bethany Waickman, Liz Carroll, and Matt and Shannon Heaton)
Photos by Gareth Glynn Ash - The Celtic Camera Photography

At RiverFolk Festival (Manchester, MI),and Jalopy (New York, NY) July 2009

Summer travels with Bethany Waickman (guitar) and Chris Stevens (accordion)

At Cafe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY, July, 2009

With Bethany Waickman (guitar) and Boréal Tordu
Photos by Nicholas Waickman

At Banjo Jims, New York, NY June 2009

With Jefferson Hamer, Photos by Ahron R. Foster

At the Brattleboro Northern Roots Festival 2009

Photos by Roger Katz

At the Elysium Folk Club 2009

With Bethany Waickman, and David Surette in Rollinsford, NH. Photos by Joe Simes

At Cafe Arpeggio, New Bedford, MA

With Matt Heaton and Corey DiMario, Photos by Denn Santoro

Denmark Tour May 2008

Playing at Bruunskepakhus, in Fredericia, Denmark

Photos From the Passim Vault

Thom Conlon supplied us with a photo diary of all of Lissa's recent performances at Club Passim, in Cambridge MA!

At the 'Song' CD Release concert in April 08
Shown here with Corey DiMario (double bass), Keith Murphy (guitar), and Dan Gurney (button accordion)

At Hanneke Cassel's Midnight Residency March 08

At Halali's 'Live' CD Release Pop Covers Concert, September 07

Live with Childsplay October 2007

The annual New England Tour
Childs Play Posed Childs Play Childs Play Brattleboro Childs Play Childs Play Childs Play Childs Play

Live on Bound For Glory, Ithaca NY

Lissa and Dave Cory, April 8th, 2007, Photos by Seamus Davis
Bound for Glory Bound for Glory Bound for Glory

Boston Celtic Music Festival, 2007 Calendar!

Featuring the DEADLY SINS
Deadly Sins Deadly Sins

Maine Fiddle Camp, August 06

Proving once again that all of Lissa's fiddle students are taller than her!
Maine Fiddle Camp Maine Fiddle Camp Maine Fiddle Camp Maine Fiddle Camp Maine Fiddle Camp Maine Fiddle Camp

Concord NH House Concert, May 06

Thank you to Daryl Burtnett for the photos
House Concert House Concert House Concert House concert

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